How Do I Take Care of This Old Persian Camel Down Comforter?

When you are buying something, which can be the fine or even stronger product you tend to take a little extra care of it. Which is a common factor you can find in many people, for instance, when you purchase an iPhone you get excited? Once you have the iPhone on your palms, You will take extra care by handling it carefully, hesitate to hand it over to someone and then place it in a safer place.


How Do I Take Care of This Old Persian Camel Down Comforter?


Use Protectors

To keep your down comforter protected is the primary issue, by using pillow protectors you can increase the lifespan of your pillows and bedding. If you have the feather or fiber comforters, then you use shield pillows to extend the life of the comforters. It will keep the Dust, Water, Stains and other things out of the way. You can get these pillows for affordable prices. You should consider these factors before buying a down comforter from the market.

Sunlight & Breathe

There is a famous saying “Let the bed breathe,” there is a reason behind the saying. Every cloth requires so that it can pass some air through to keep itself fresh. Same goes for your beddings. Sometimes it is not a bad idea to let your comforters to have fresh air and sunlight to give them a break. It will make sure that your bedding is in good shape for a longer period.


Washing Pillows & Protectors

I have mentioned that using protectors do reduce the chances of damaging the insides. I was not kidding about it. However, even the pillows require your attention. When you are using them, it will not only protect what is inside but also takes damage instead, which creates a foul smell and it sometimes stinks as well. It is ideal to clean your Pillows or Protectors once in three months or based on its smell. You can wash it as per the instructions, and it will work for all types of fabrics. Remember, whenever your are cleaning, read the instructions, so that you can extend the life of it. On top of that, if you have robot vacuum cleaner at your home, most of your job of cleaning everything will be automated.


Wash The Down Comforters

You might be thinking that when you are using protectors and maintaining with care will prolong the life, and that is true. But that does not mean that your down comforter cannot smell. Odor has nothing to do with the protector, and it feels natural. Washing once in a year is recommended advice from the brands as well. There is no harm in washing the comforters once in a while.


There are few measures you can take if you plan to clean it by yourself. Make sure that your down comforter is not torn, Stripped or damaged because when you are washing it in that state, you might damage it to the point, where you might end up replacing it.



Nothing will last forever but you can take steps to extend the life of your comforters by using simple methods and washing the down comforter once in a while is a good idea. Did you like the suggestions we made here? Do let us know your thoughts on it.